E Neurosurgical Consult

Evaluate and Determine the Best Course of Care

Does a doctor, patient, or even sometimes an attorney needs to know if a patient needs a spine surgery or can conservative treatment be continued and spinal surgeon opinion is what you need
Many times it is difficult to see a neurosurgeon for a clinical appointment due to the fact that many are so busy with the clinic, the doctors “on call “schedule, scheduled surgeries, etc.
With an E neurosurgical consult the need to determine if a surgery is likely, or if conservative care should be used or continued, or a recommended course of treatment that if fails then surgery is most likely necessary, can be found out in less than a week without waiting to get in with a neurosurgeon, and a long wait in the surgeons office.
E neurosurgical consult is where a neurosurgeon reviews the images, doctors clinical notes, past history and sometimes qualified staff contacting the patient in the convenience of their home to ask an additional question if surgery or a conservative treatment plan is recommended. The neurosurgeon will work with a primary spine care physician, (qualified chiropractor, medical provider, physical therapist, or other healthcare providers) to quickly evaluate and determine the course of care.

In order for our care team to provide you with an E Neurosurgical Consult, we will need the following information.

History of present illness:

  • age and gender of the patient
  • brief details of the accident (date, etc)
  • symptoms that began after the accident
  • the extent these symptoms were present before the accident
  • treatment that has been sought so far

Past medical history

Physical exam

Results reviewed: X-rays, MRI, nerve conduction studies

Our E Neurosurgical Consul team will assess your condition and recommend your treatment.

  • brief synopsis and diagnosis
  • causality
  • recommended treatment
  • references, statement as to the significance of the injury

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